The goal of Sufism is the development of certain noble qualities such as the purification of the self, purification of the heart, moral etiquette, doing what is beautiful (ihsan), nearness to God, inner knowledge (ma’rifat), annihilation in God (fana’), and subsistence in God (baqa’ ). In short, the true purpose of Sufism is to transform the seeker into a highly humane and moral person by building the seeker’s character through spiritual training.

In addition to the mind, human beings have other centres of consciousness that serve as inner faculties for attaining knowledge. Foremost among these centres is the heart. By purifying and ‘polishing’ the heart, it becomes a mirror reflecting the light of Truth. The preliminary practices of the School of Sufi Teaching are designed to connect one to all of the centres (or lataif), beginning with the heart. Activating, clarifying and refining one’s heart can achieve profound intuition and realisation.